Mario Perron







Mario Perron

Mario Perron

Painter, Photographer, Sculptor


Born in Quebec City in 1967

Lives and works in the West-Island of Montreal.

Mario Perron has been involved in the Montreal artistic community for over two decades.
The artist explores a variety of different media, such as painting, drawing, collage, and sculpture, producing an aesthetic narration of moods akin to a folkloric tradition. Executed in a naïve and unpredictable manner, the straightforward vocabulary employed by M. Perron translates itself into a singular, but eclectic body of work.
He borrows imagery and sentiment from a history of “isms”, but interprets them with his own evocative language. His battle with a need to constantly explore new ideas and means of expressing them, is demonstrated in the progression of short series he produces.
Primarily self-taught, he has had several mentors in and out of schools. He is a life-long student of art and is always observing, studying, and devouring art. His sketchbooks are always with him to be filled with what inspires him.
He has participated in group shows at the Visual Arts centre and had a few solo shows. His last show was in 2012 at the RAPR Inc. Gallery in St-Henri. For the last two years he has been producing considerable volume of new works at his own “Mario’s Fingers Studios”.
His work can be found in private collections in Canada, USA, Spain, Italy & as scenery in the occasional independent film or photo montage.
The artist also has a community blog on Facebook at Mario’s Fingers & twitter @mariosfingers

Artist's Statement

I think artists are like scientists.
Just like a scientist, we begin with a question, something we don’t know.
We go into our studio and research that question.
We bring with us a chaos of ideas and influences, combined with a basket of materials and skills. Art focuses them all into a singular result.

The first perpetual question is where does an artist's inspiration come from. The only answer I can give is… everywhere. Every time I use my senses, I am inspired to use those sensations and transform them with infinite recombinations. Everything I see eventually finds a voice in something I make.

Making art demands a faith beyond each particular project. We can’t know how the cultural DNA we are preserving and recombining might be useful in the future.

The second perpetual question is some version of “What do you do?” Telling people I’m an artist gets a range of responses but the most common is some polite form of “That’s interesting.” So I tell people the following: “I’m interested in what’s happening to our minds in this age of information overload. Are we connecting or disconnecting? Are we losing the opportunity to enjoy the small and quiet pleasures of living?
This leads to a fun conversation about how I see my work, my process and how we all sometimes stop to smell the roses. Art gives us a focus to enjoy such moments.

Making art is a refuge from the heavy moments of life. It allows me a place to focus and meditate. Sharing it is offering others moments of distraction and possibly refocus.

The final perpetual question is “What does it mean?” While it is always more fun for me to hear what others get from my work, I have come to greatly enjoy the connections I make with people when I let them know what I feel it means. My art means many things, and for me it means joy, love, accomplishment, challenge, and sanctuary. I vacation freely and often in my works and invite others to join me and/or visit on their own terms. I am always willing to share the experience.


Come Into The Light My Dear by Mario Perron


They Can Park Here. Pikachu Are Not Trucks by Mario Perron


Those Darn Tourists by Mario Perron


I'm not sure I can get past my belly by Mario Perron


Sunrise for Castro by Mario Perron


The Day I missed The Parade by Mario Perron


There Better Be Catnip For Me by Mario Perron


I'm So Gonna Pee In Your Shoe For This by Mario Perron


Invasion of the Bodysnatchers by Mario Perron


Flower Photobombed by Mario Perron


And This Is The Plant That Ate Aunt Agnes by Mario Perron


Aha, there you are by Mario Perron


The Elusive Selfie-Paparazzi by Mario Perron


Catching the Photographer - Bubai by Mario Perron


Catching the Photographer - Al Ain desert by Mario Perron


Capturing the Photographer - Burj Khalifa shoot by Mario Perron


The Corner Shrubs by Mario Perron


So Much Green by Mario Perron


New Lilacs by Mario Perron


All About The Light by Mario Perron


And When The Rain Began... by Mario Perron


Sharknado in Dubai by Mario Perron


Location Scouting for the Dark Tower by Mario Perron


Desert Sunset by Mario Perron


Aggressive Tree by Mario Perron


What the fish saw before the wave hit the beach by Mario Perron


What's all this now? by Mario Perron


The Ghost of Howl returns by Mario Perron


Once Out to Sea by Mario Perron


Message In A Bottle by Mario Perron


Location Scouting for Bond by Mario Perron


Just Before The Fall by Mario Perron


Endless Wonder by Mario Perron


Dreaming of Hemingway by Mario Perron


A Touch Of Cloud by Mario Perron


Black Tie Affair by Mario Perron


Ile de Montreal by Mario Perron


Discarded Window by Mario Perron


Tanguy Smirks by Mario Perron


Mondrian's Moustache by Mario Perron


Marcel Duchamp Considering His Urinal by Mario Perron


Breton Japanism Phase by Mario Perron


This Man That Man Ray by Mario Perron


Stranger Than Andy by Mario Perron


If Andy Warhol Were A Millenial by Mario Perron


Another Kind Of Warhol by Mario Perron


Roy's Show by Mario Perron


Lichtenstein by Mario Perron